Kim Thompson is a filmmaker, television writer and children’s book author. She grew up in Saskatchewan, studied and worked for many years in Toronto, and now lives with her daughter on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Her first novel Eldritch Manor was published by Dundurn Press in the fall of 2012. Two sequels followed: Shadow Wrack (2015), and Darkling Green (2016).

Kim has exceeded any reasonable quota for interests and hobbies, but the main ones at the moment seem to be photography, knitting, old movies, reading history books, and playing the ukulele and the drums badly (individually, not at the same time). (Not yet, anyway.)

Check out her blog about children’s literature and movies: Rarest Kind of Best.



50355_147838896990_3064160_nFor her television and film work, look here.


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  1. Big Fan!

    Hi!Your books are fun, imaginative and clever! I love the twists, turns, and the mystery ! I can’t wait to read your second book, and I hope more are on the way! 😀

  2. Lizzie

    Eldritch Manor’s more awsome than an awsome possum I give it A thumbs up
    One of my favorite parts is the part with black horse.

  3. Sue Deas

    I am a grade five teacher who has just read your book, Eldritch Manor to my class. They loved it! WOW! They are asking for more…. maybe a second book! Congratulations! It is hard to find books that both boys and girls are interested in as a class. Thinking of doing a book study on it for next year.
    Thanks for the great read!

    • Kim

      Sue, thanks so much for your message, it really made my day! Say hello to your class and tell them I’m glad they liked my book! I am working on a sequel… well I was working on it until other things got in the way, but now I feel I should really get back at it! Thanks again!
      p.s. If you don’t mind, I’d love to use your comments on my website as a testimonial.

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