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pepcartoon4Kim Thompson


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member: Writer’s Guild of Canada

representation: Carl Liberman, The Characters Talent Agency – Email

Sept 2002 – present          Freelance Story Editor/Writer

Aug 1999 – Aug 2002          Staff Story Editor – Nelvana, Toronto, Ontario.

March 1998 – Aug 1999     Staff Writer – Nelvana, Toronto, Ontario.

April 1996 – Feb 1998     Production Manager, Feature Unit, Nelvana, Toronto, Ontario. Projects: development and feature films  Pippi Longstocking, Babar: King of the Elephants


50355_147838896990_3064160_nTELEVISION  –  STORY EDITING CREDITS

PEARLIE (Nelvana / Sticky Pictures / YTV, 2008)  Thirteen ½ hour episodes, Season 1.

CAILLOU  (Cookie Jar / PBS, 2005)  Twenty 1/2 hour episodes. Season 4.

tumblr_lowmq8jfjy1qchc5cTHE DOODLEBOPS (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2004)  Twenty-six 1/2 hour episodes. Season 1.

JACOB TWO-TWO (Nelvana / YTV, 2003)  Thirteen 1/2 hour episodes. Season 1.

SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS (Nelvana / PBS, 2002)  Fourteen 1/2 hour episodes.  Season 3.

MARVIN THE TAP DANCING HORSE  (Nelvana / PBS, 2000-2001)  Thirteen 1/2 hour episodes.  Seasons 1, 2.

Maggie_(Maggie_and_the_Ferocious_Beast)MINIMAN (Nelvana / cromosoma, 2000)  Eight 1/2 hour episodes.  Season 1.

MAGGIE AND THE FEROCIOUS BEAST  (Nelvana / Nickelodeon, 1999)  Eight 1/2 hour episodes.  Season 1.



ELLA THE ELEPHANT  (Cookie Jar / Disney Channel, 2012)  Two 11 min. scripts, Season 1.

arubyMAX AND RUBY  (Silver Lining / Nelvana, 2011)  Three 7 min. scripts. Season 5.

MAGI NATION  (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2009)  Three 22 min. scripts. Season 2.

DOODLEBOPS – animated)  (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2009)  Five 11 min. scripts. Season 1.

CAILLOU  (Cookie Jar / Treehouse, 2009)  Six 7 min. scripts. Season 5.

PEARLIE  (Nelvana / Sticky Pictures / YTV, 2008)  Twenty-six 11 min. scripts. Season 1.

BUSYTOWN MYSTERIES  (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2007)  Eleven 11 min. scripts. Season 1.

MAGI NATION  (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2007)  Three ½ hr scripts. Season 1.

Caillou-images-widia-comROB THE ROBOT  (Amberwood / TVO, 2006)  One 11 min. script. (Development)


CAILLOU  (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2005)  Eighteen 7 min. scripts. Season 4.

THE DOODLEBOPS  (Cookie Jar / CBC, 2004-2005)  Bible, Twenty 1/2 hr scripts. Season 1, 2.

JACOB TWO-TWO  (Nelvana / YTV, 2003)  Bible, five 1/2 hr scripts.  Season 1.

SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS  (Nelvana / PBS, 2002)  Six 11 min. scripts.  Season 3.

PECOLA  (Nelvana / Teletoon, 2001)  One 11 min. script.  Season 2.

sub-square-georgeshrinksGEORGE SHRINKS  (Nelvana / PBS, 2001)  One 1/2 hr.  script.  Season 2.

MINIMAN  (Nelvana / cromosoma, 2000)  Five 11 min scripts.  Season 1.

MARVIN THE TAP DANCING HORSE  (Nelvana / PBS, 2000-2001)  Eight 11 min. scripts.  Seasons 1, 2.

MAGGIE AND THE FEROCIOUS BEAST (Nelvana/Nickelodeon,1999-2000) Twenty-four 7 min. scripts. Seasons 1, 2, 3.

oliewaveROLIE POLIE OLIE  (Nelvana / Disney, 1999)  One 7 minute script.  Season 3.

GEORGE AND MARTHA  (Nelvana / HBO, 1999)  Two 11 min. scripts.  Season 2.

NEW TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER  (Nelvana / CBS, 1999)  One 1/2 hour script. Season 1.

BLASTER’S UNIVERSE  (Nelvana / CBS, 1999)  Two 1/2 hour scripts.  Season 1.

tumblr_m9b3deOMUG1rtdv6io1_400DUMB BUNNIES  (Nelvana / CBS, 1998)  One 1/2 hour script.  Season 1.

FRANKLIN  (Nelvana, 1998)  Four 11 min. scripts.  Seasons 3, 4.

ANATOLE  (Nelvana / CBS, 1998)  Four 1/2 hour scripts.  Seasons 1, 2.

BIRDZ  (Nelvana / CBS, 1998)  Two 1/2  hour scripts.  Season 1.



2005     Gemini Awards Nomination – Jacob Two-Two Nominated for Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Series

2004      double nomination, Writers Guild of Canada Canadian Screenwriting Awards, Children and Preschool Category (Jacob Two-Two).



Bachelor of Applied Arts, Film,  Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Toronto, Ontario;  graduated 1992.

(1991 – Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award)

Bachelor of Arts, Honours, History,  University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan;  graduated 1986.



players in sky sm

Hockey Stories  2001, 15:00, 35mm film.  (Writer, director, producer)  Animated film about Canadian hockey legends from the past.

this is the end of meThis is the end of me   1994,  28:30, 16mm film.  (Writer, director, producer)  Part animation, part live-action, experimental documentary.

all the great operasAll the Great Operas (in 10 minutes)  1992, 10:00, 16mm film.  (Writer, director, producer)  Cut-out animation – the title speaks for itself.

8 Responses to TV / Film C.V.

  1. Hi Kim,

    I love your work. I am a father now and my son and I watch many of the shows you have written for either on Sprout or on Netflix. My wife and I own Lagniappe Theatre Company in Alexandria, LA. We work at several schools and would like to mount “All the Great Operas in 10 Minutes” with our students playing all the characters for their end of the year performance for their parents and friends. Is there a script available? We could certainly just transcribe it from the video, but we wanted to see if there was a script available and to ask permission to perform the piece. Thank you so much.

    • Kim

      Hi Ross – Thank you! So nice to hear from someone who still remembers that little film. I will get in touch with you via email, but the short answer re. permission to perform is “YES! Absolutely!” I mean, as long as you send photos or something. I am thrilled to pieces you want to do this!

  2. Greta Huls

    I saw your opera short about 20 years ago on PBS. I’ve never forgotten it. Thank the gods (and the internet) I was able to find it and you.

    • Kim

      Aw thanks, that’s sweet! I’m amazed you still remember my film, it does seem so very long ago. Thanks for hunting me down, your comment really made my day!

  3. Molly Mayfield

    Dear Kim,
    I saw your opera short on Bravo many years ago and have been searching for it ever since. Little did I know when I first saw it that I would get a job playing in an opera orchestra. Every single time I play one of the shows you presented, I hear your hilarious commentary and crack up. Now that I’ve found it again, I can share it with my friends in the group. You’ve given me something I’ve always treasured and I want to say thanks. Well done!
    With admiration,

    • Kim

      Hello Molly,
      Thank you so much for your lovely message! I made that film so long ago, it seems like in another lifetime, and it’s really wonderful to hear from people who still remember it! I would like to send you a little something, if you send me your mailing address in an email? Email me here.
      Thanks again,

      • Anna Kiss Mauser-Martinez

        Hi Kim! I first saw your “All the Great Operas” short on Bravo in the 90s, as a teenager. I’m now middle-aged and am preparing to teach a class based on it to a group of unschoolers starting tomorrow. I’ve been listening to these operas for weeks and my children are terribly annoyed by it. Anyway, thanks! I have loved this and remembered it all these years. My girlfriend studied opera in college and I’ve actually seen a few of them live because of her. I sort of love the pop-culture shorthand methodology of this education.

        • Kim

          Thanks Anna! I’m glad people still remember that little film! Good luck with your teaching, so great that you’re passing on the operatic torch to a new generation! All the best and thanks again for you kind words, it really means a lot to me.

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