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Weekly Eldritch: Wattles

A day late with this week’s eldritch, or creepy thing, but I was at a farm yesterday, up close and personal with birds with wattles, namely, turkeys.


So the wattle is that ugly skin thing hanging over his beak. Or, in the immortal words of Wikipedia:

A wattle is a fleshy caruncle hanging from various parts of the head or neck in several groups of birds, mammals and other animals. A caruncle is defined as ‘A small, fleshy excrescence that is a normal part of an animal’s anatomy’. Within this definition, caruncles in birds include wattles, dewlaps, snoods and earlobes.


Wikipedia goes on to say: In birds, wattles are often an ornament for courting potential mates. Large wattles are correlated with high testosterone levels, good nutrition and the ability to evade predators, which in turn indicates a potentially successful mate.


So that is supposed to impress girls?? Yikes. Looks pretty horrorshow as far as I’m concerned. I mean, how far a walk is it from this –


To this?

Giant Bug from Naked Lunch

Giant Bug from Naked Lunch

Except that the turkey is even ickier looking than the giant hallucinated bug… but at least he doesn’t smoke.

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Question Answered…

You know how I asked in the post about pink fluorescent slugs and cannibal snails, “What would the most logical 3rd neighbour to the slugs and snails be?”

Well the same people who told us about the slugs and snails (Treehugger.com) have also given me my answer: Glowing Millipedes! (Only they live in the US… on Alcatraz! This just gets better and better.)

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You can’t make this stuff up…

Anyone out there who is sitting down to write today but can’t think of anything to write about, here’s a juicy tidbit for ya: giant fluorescent pink slugs on an Australian mountaintop. I kid  you not!


And in case that isn’t enough inspiration for you, that particular mountain also boasts cannibal snails! I mean, come on! Cannibal snails!! 

Possible writing prompts, if you still need a push:

1. Describe the kind of location where you would fully expect giant fluorescent pink slugs to live.

2. What would the most logical 3rd neighbour to the slugs and snails be? Hmm?

3. What happens when pink slug meets cannibal snail?

If you come up with anything you’d like to share, please put it in the comments!


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Weekly Eldritch: Fish!

Maybe it’s because I’m a prairie girl, but to my mind there’s something about the ocean that just breeds creepiness. I’m not talking about fish that look like fish, or those cute and clever dolphins or anything like that. I’m talking about those sea creatures that you see on nature shows and say “What IS that??” There are true grotesqueries that inhabit the deepest black ocean depths, but there are also weirdos in the shallows. And in the tank at your local Rainforest Café! Witness the Unicorn Fish:

unicorn fish

When I spotted this odd fellow he gave me shivers. Something about a fish with a human face and long nose that just does not seem right.

Wikipedia tells me: “The unicorn fishes are tropical, herbivorous marine surgeonfishes in the genus Naso. They are so named because of a spike that protrudes from the forehead. Some species have a bulbous protrusion rather than a pronounced spike…”  Okay, so if there’s anything that could make this guy creepier, it would have to be the thought of him being a surgeon…

Here’s another one that boggles my mind – the big flat Sunfish. A cafeteria tray with fins.


Is there anything in the ocean that geeks you out?

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