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11 Things I Love About John Berger’s Ways of Seeing

John Berger died recently, and in the publicity wake of his passing I discovered that his Ways of Seeing was not just a fantastic book I had to buy for a course many years ago, but was originally a BBC series. A tragically short series, that is – there are only four episodes. I’ve just finished watching them on the youtube and enjoyed them immensely, both for the intellectual content but also for… Continue reading

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Fiction is the lie…


Neil Gaiman
“We writers – and especially writers for children, but all writers – have an obligation to our readers: it’s the obligation to write true things, especially important when we are creating tales of people who do not exist in places that never were – to understand that truth is not in what happens but what it tells us about who we are. Fiction is the lie that tells the truth, after all.”
– Neil Gaiman

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Note to Subscribers

Hello friends! First of all, thanks for subscribing! Second, the Eldritch Newsletter, which I have been sending out every week (or thereabouts), is hereby changing to a Bi-Weekly thing. (As in every 2 weeks. Not twice a week. Oddly enough ‘bi-weekly’ can mean either.) The reason? Busy-ness of course. Blogs and classes and trying to find time to write, the usual.

For those of you who aren’t subscribers, the Eldritch Newsletter is an email newsletter sent to subscribers highlighting recent blog posts and upcoming events. If you would like to receive this, sign up, over there on the right…

That is all.

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Quill & Quire review of “Eldritch Manor”

Don’t ever believe a writer who says they pay no attention to reviews of their work! No matter how tough-minded and independent you pretend to be, the slightest kind word in the press can make you feel like a million bucks!
A brilliant quote on the subject, from Isaac Asimov:

From my close observation of writers… they fall into two groups: those
who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review, and those who bleed
copiously and secretly at any bad review.

All of this to say that I received a very nice review of Eldritch Manor in the September issue of Quill & Quire.  Happy-making to say the least! I feel like I just got a gold star sticker on my homework… and believe me, grownups need those gold stars just as much as kids do!

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Arrival of Books!

My author copies have arrived in the mail! Tadaaaa!

(I keep thinking about Steve Martin in The Jerk: “The new phonebooks have arrived! The new phonebooks have arrived!”)

Sadly I hadn’t had my coffee yet when the box was delivered, so just did a mental ‘happy dance’. Still managed to pull a muscle though…

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Just getting my official website up and running. Unfortunately I move slower than a sloth when figuring these things out, so site will be “under construction” for a few days.

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