Weekly Eldritch – Ambiguity is to blame!

Okay, so I missed my Thursday eldritch post – things have been crazy busy here – but I think I can make it up to you. I just came across a really interesting video that talks about why we find certain things creepy, and just what that means.

While I found his talk really fascinating, I was a little distracted by the narrator, who I found a wee bit creepy. (No doubt that’s his intent here.) The reason? I think it’s the eyes being just a bit too wide open, and the slight wide-angle lens he’s using. A wide angle lens allows you to squeeze more landscape into a shot, which is a good thing, but when you aim it at a person’s face, and the person is a little too close, their face becomes distorted and weird. (A fisheye lens is an extreme wide angle lens.)

Also, just before the switch to the bedroom location, that long pause without saying anything, without blinking, is creepy.

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