Weekly Eldritch: Pink

I have no particular argument with pink in general. Cerise, Fuschia, Magenta, Raspberry, Cherry Blossom, Rose… They’re not exactly my style, but having gone through an acute Princess-phase with my daughter, I’ve learned to accomodate most pinks in my life. (She has recovered fully, thanks for asking.)

I’m not even bothered by things that are pink that aren’t supposed to be pink. For example:



Mind you, if that second guy’s fins were a wee bit more finger-like, I’d get a little geeked out.

Even this doesn’t bother me:


That kind of pink is just too pretty to be menacing.

No, the kind of pink that makes my skin crawl is in the more “fleshy” spectrum. I was looking at a slide show of weird animals last night and these two made me jump:


Indian Purple Frog


Sea Pig

Aieee! Now what is it about them that sets me off? Shiny and slimey, sure. Weird, yeah whatever. No, it’s their colour – that drab, dark, unnatural pink. That frog now, if he was bright bright green wouldn’t he be much more agreeable looking? They just look scalped or something. Oorg.

Then I had a flashback to a subway station in Toronto that I never liked, and now I know why…


Dupont station always looked to me like some scene out of Barbarella. Too fleshy.


I went to Wikipedia to take a gander at pinks and while most of them were inoffensive enough, heck even cheery, these ones made me grimace:

New York Pink

Pastel Pink

Pale Pink

and the greebliest of all:

Champagne Pink

Bleh. Now why do I have such an aversion to this range of hues? Is it because they are vaguely liver-ish? (Look again at that frog.) I do really really hate liver.

images-1So now I’m feeling a little queasy. If you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go lie down…

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