Weekly Eldritch: Nosferatu (1922)


It’s time once again for your weekly creepy thing. Now I know all the newfangled moviemaking technology and CGI wizardry can deliver some pretty frightening stuff, but I dearly love the old movies and the vampire played by Max Schreck in the 1922 German silent film Nosferatu is so absolutely creepy he still stands up after all these years.

Speaking of which, here’s a film clip of him doing just that – standing up. (I love this bit.)…

This is the early version of Dracula, before Bela Lugosi made him all suave and debonair…


Seriously. Who scares you more?


Nosferatu is at his very best in the scenes on the ship (beginning with the clip above). Just imagine being trapped alone in the middle of the ocean with this guy…maxresdefault Nosferatu 1922-nosferatuFantastic!

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