Another Fill-in-the-Blanks Story

IMG_5995 - Version 2Here’s another story for some Writing Group fun – another Fill-in-the-Blanks story. (See previous post for our first example.) Basically you just write words on slips of paper and drop them into the appropriate bowls: NOUN (character), NOUN (object), NOUN (location), ADJECTIVE, VERB, or ADVERB. Then proceed with the story and draw a word every time you need to fill in a blank.

Here’s one our Friday group came up with:

Fantastic Man and Fedora Dude

Go To School

It was a fluffy day at the bedroom, and difficult Fantastic Man was sadly bouncing to his friend the lumpy Fedora Dude’s house. When he got there he sliced on the door.

“Howdy, blob of goo!” his friend called. Fantastic Man looked up to see his friend aggressively tiptoeing out the upstairs window.

“That’s a gargantuan way to leave the house,” he said.

The two started on their way to school. As they passed San Francisco, a joyous Queen of Hearts suddenly stupidly scootered out at them.

“Let us pass, you bouncy notebook,” they called, but the Queen pulled out a weapon: a frozen axe!

“Yikes,” said the friends. Luckily they had some rubber chickens which they used to protect themselves. The Queen started to throw McDonalds at them.

“Hey!” they yelled. “Why won’t you let us get to school? We’re going to be late!”

The Queen stopped and cheerfully walked over. “School? I thought you were coming to steal my precious striped records!” The Queen let them pass and they continued on their way to school.

IMG_1181 - Version 2

Original Artwork by E.

Next they passed a forest, where a gigantic soft cat cruelly ate into them, knocking them over. She was wearing a city and looked extremely stinky, but she apologized and helped them up, and the two friends walked on.

Now they were at polka-dotted Seattle. The sun suddenly turned purple and it started to rain sinks.

“Holy abyss! This is french fried!” they yelped, as they abruptly skipped through the shower and slithered to their school, which was in the ocean.

Their teacher, a scaly, fuzzy owl, was waiting. “Get inside, you goats! We’re about to start Knitting Class!”

“Yay! I love knitting!” The friends walked into the school and everyone had an alien, flaming soft day.


If you’d like to try this game out yourself, click here for a printable version with blanks to fill in for your own crazy creation. Enjoy!

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