Weekly Eldritch: Kingdok!

Last week it was a painting from 1515, this week a character from a 90s graphic novel: Kingdok from Bone.



(Bone was a series of graphic novels by Jeff Smith, originally published between 1995 and 2004. A truly entertaining read, a terrific mix of the humourous and spooky, slapstick and yet epic at the same time. More on Bone here.)

Now I know there are worse villains in the series, Kingdok is actually just a pawn in the whole scheme of things, but for my money nothing is creepier than to see him lurching around on those little legs, always lunging forward like the weight of his teeth is going to tip him over. The way he stands up on the balls of his feet makes him seem weightless and surreal. And those teeny tiny hands. Fantastic design. (Though I feel sorry for the action figure designers who had to figure out how to make the toy Kingdok stand upright.)


He appears stealthily, suddenly, simply exuding menace. Here is my favourite unexpected Kingdok appearance:


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