Weekly Eldritch: Dolls are Talking to Me!

Bwa ha ha!

For newcomers to this site, every Thursday I post a Weekly Eldritch, or something I find creepy.

(eldritch = unearthly, alien, supernatural, weird, spooky, eerie)

Last week I mentioned an art installation I saw many years ago and Jan came to the rescue and identified the artist so I could look him up. The artist in question is Tony Oursler and this is what I saw that made my skin crawl…


Basically you walk into a darkened, quiet gallery room and there’s this limp doll lying on a chair with a face projected on it… and the face is talking, or rather whispering to you. Something about having a secret, I don’t remember exactly, but it was spooky!

Here is Tony Oursler’s home site, with tons of photos of his work, much of which is decidedly eldritch.


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