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Ode to a Volvo: 3


O Wise One!
Zen Master!

Teaching me patience and humility,
The slow lane to Enlightenment.
You were no voluptuous Buddha,
but sharp, stolid, angular, a slab of steel,
Impassive as I cursed.

Your lessons were many:

Doors won’t lock… Trust Strangers

Back windshield wipers inoperative… Don’t Look Back

No radio reception… Stay in the Here

Odometer stopped… Stay in the Now

Parts Falling Off… Simplify Your Life

Unexplained Noises… Accept What You Cannot Change

Door handle broken… Try Another Door

Passenger door handle broken… Don’t Pick up Hitchhikers

My worldview shaped to your windshield
And the rearview mirror that sank… slowly… down.
To see behind me I had to duck my head
Bowing bowing
bowing all the time like that has got to make you humble.

O Wise One!
Zen Master!



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