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Ode to a Volvo: 4

International car of mystery

You were an enigma,
Full of surprises,
Like when I replaced the fuel pump and then a month later it failed again but NO
It was the second fuel pump… you had two!
Said the mechanic,
“Who knew?”

You gave me signs.
Two months before you passed on
you sang eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Just eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The mechanic was flummoxed.
“It’s an alarm,
An indicator for something, but what?”
Not undone seatbelt, not key in the ignition
Nor the Zen koan “the door is a jar”.
I knew
I knew it was the “buy a new car” indicator.


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Ode to a Volvo: 1

O handsome automobile!
Cross-country chariot

Your AC was an unfounded rumour,
A mirage.
During the heatwave you blew hot air in my face and I had to spend seven hundred dollars to make you stop.

Cross-country trip with the windows rolled down,
So loud we couldn’t hear each other
Your loose bones rattling beneath us.

And yet we loved you.







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Gorgeous bookstore

Last Saturday I had a great time signing books at the Chapters Runnymede store. I was kept so busy chatting to parents and kids, as well as friends who dropped in to visit, that I didn’t take any photos! It was great fun, and when I left we’d almost almost sold out… the manager told me I left only one lonely copy on the shelf!

This store is a centrepiece for the whole Bloor West Village strip and I’ve always loved it. I knew it used to be a cinema, but I’ve just learned it was also a vaudeville theatre!

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Here’s a wonderful account of the history of the theatre and the Chapters makeover.

And now for the Bad News… Only a few days after my book signing rumours started floating about that Chapters will be moving out! How disappointing if the place gets turned into condo’s or something…

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