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Why I Want to Live in a Wes Anderson Film

I don’t just love Wes Anderson’s imaginary world, I want to live in it. I want to live among his characters and, even better, work with them. I once had a conversation with a movie-loving Catalan couple, over a lingering late supper in a Barcelona restaurant, in which they expressed their utter bewilderment over The Royal Tenenbaums. I mimed swooning with love for that film; they shook their heads. “The characters… the way they talk… it’s not real,” they said. They were flummoxed by the deadpan expressions and laboured dialogue. I had to reassure them that the Tenenbaums did, in caricature, represent a certain, distinctive North American type: intellectually serious but emotionally immature WASPs. “They’re my people!” I enthused, only at that moment realizing it to be true.

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Monday Movie Prompt

Let’s get our week started with a little writing fun, shall we?


After the Thin Man (1936), with Myrna Loy and William Powell

First: what are their names? occupations? favourite cocktails?

Next: write some dialogue that matches their expressions perfectly.

Another option: write dialogue that runs counter to their expressions.

And another: what’s the dog thinking?

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Weekly Eldritch: The Trunchbull


the Trunchbull by illustrator Quentin Blake

My weekly pick of something creepy/scary to share with you all… Anyone who has read Roald Dahl’s Matilda will know exactly whom I am speaking about. If you haven’t, Agatha Trunchbull is the headmistress at the school Matilda attends. Continue reading

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Weekly Eldritch: Nosferatu (1922)


It’s time once again for your weekly creepy thing. Now I know all the newfangled moviemaking technology and CGI wizardry can deliver some pretty frightening stuff, but I dearly love the old movies and the vampire played by Max Schreck in the 1922 German silent film Nosferatu is so absolutely creepy he still stands up after all these years.

Speaking of which, here’s a film clip of him doing just that – standing up. (I love this bit.)… Continue reading

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Weekly Eldritch: Orcs. Oorg.

Here’s something creepy for this week. At our house we’ve finished reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and watched the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, so Orcs have been on my mind recently. They were bad enough in the LOTR movies…


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Weekly Eldritch: Fantasia / Night on Bald Mtn

This week’s item of creepiness is the Night on Bald Mountain segment of Disney’s 1940 film Fantasia. Now the music by Mussorgsky is pretty dramatically frightening all by itself, so adding a host of demons to the top of said mountain just adds to the scariness.

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Monday Writing Prompt

Happy Monday, busy writers! A new week begins like a fresh new notebook full of blank pages – pages that can inspire either eagerness or terror in a poor writer’s heart. Here’s a starter for you today, another movie still prompt.

Introductions at a party – put some outrageous dialogue to this picture:


In case you’re wondering, this is a scene from All About Eve, from the famous party scene in which Bette Davis intones “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

(And yes, that is Marilyn Monroe, pre-superstardom, in a bit part)

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Monday Movie Prompt

A writing prompt for a spring-ish Monday. (Here at least.)

Write some dialogue and the what-happens-next for this scene:

arsenic+lace(photo from the movie Arsenic and Old Lace)

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Shpooky prompt

Here’s a Monday morning Writing Prompt for you. The only thing better than the craziness of this photo is the name of the movie it comes from: Voodoo Man (1944).

Looks like a seance to me. Who are all these people? And what happens next?


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Ay carumba! Winter takes a last stab

IMG_5172Okay so I disappeared last week because of snow and related difficulties (no power, no internet), and coincidentally my website disappeared too! I’ve just got it back up again, not sure how many days it was missing in action, sorry about that everyone!

As I write I can hear the sound of rain and dripping all around, and there was just a big rumble as snow fell off one side of my roof, so hopefully we’re on the seasonal upswing now. (Firmly knocking on wood.)

And since it is Monday I’d like to give you a Writing Prompt to start your week off right.  It’s another old movie still – take a close look. Who are these people, what are their names, personalities? What’s their relationship to one another? Now write them some snappy dialogue…

of human bondage


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