School Talks Today. Fun was had.

Phew! A lotta talking at Saltspring Elementary this afternoon. First I talked to the Kindergarten-Gr 2’s about being an author and making up stories. Then I spoke to the Gr. 3-5’s about writing for television and how cartoons are made. (Now that’s a huge topic – I could have gone on for hours.)

It all went well (thanks Powerpoint), I had a great time, and the students seemed pretty pumped too when it was all over. One Gr. 1 (S.) told me she was going to go home tonight and write a book!

I’m pretty revved up too, and (as I promised them) I am going to get some animation links up on this blog soon, and write more about storytelling, and writing how-to, and so forth…

Thanks Saltspring Elementary for being such a great audience!


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