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  1. Kim:

    At last I’ve found you! As a music educator in the States, I have for many years used your wonderful “All the Great Operas in 10 Minutes” for a variety
    of Music classes I have taught, from Music History to Opera History, Opera Workshop, Vocal Seminar, and others. A few years back, my original VHS tape was unfortunately and irretrievably mangled in an encounter with an ancient and hostile videotape player. I know that occasionally, rare copies of the film are available on tape, but, as I am working with little or no budget whatsoever, I am wondering if by any chance the work was ever released on DVD, and if so, if copies might be available. I should love to continue using your film as a funny and valuable educational tool, but perhaps in a more sturdy platform. Can you help at all? I hope so! I look forward to your response! Thank you ever so much for your significant gifts–they are most certainly well-appreciated!

    Sincere regards,

    John Ector
    Adjunct Instructor
    Department of Music
    Mission College
    Santa Clara, California

  2. Sarah Allen

    My 13 year old daughter is interested in taking your writing camp, on the second week. None of her friends want to take it with her, but she still wants to do it. This is a big step for her as she is quite shy around new people. Would it be possible if she could phone you, to talk about the camp? This way she can make a decision to do, or not.
    Thank you,

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